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UGR is a mature and casual League focused on being helpful and fun to all members within the League and the DC Universe community.  We do not have an age requirement but we ask that all of our members conduct themselves in a mature fashion.  Our league is both casual-play friendly and role-play friendly.  

UGR is not a hard-core role-playing league,but we do intend to have an environment in which role-playing is supported.  Being a casual League we understand that life happens and things such as work, family, and other outside obligations are a higher priority then sitting in on the next event or raid.  

We want our members to play at their own pace and not feel pressure to advance or play catch up because they have less time to play, or like to take their time exploring the game world around them.

How to apply

If you are interested in joining UGR, you can fill out an application on the top of the page.  please take the time to register.  We will be checking new applicant registration several times throughout the day. Once you have filled out an application an officer will review and respond shortly.
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For all new players and Our UGR Mates

srh4277, Sep 26, 12 1:09 PM.
We want to warmly welcome all of you to UGR of DC Universe Online ! Most of our league is already familiar with one another. However, for many of you newcomers we still have to become better acquainted. Therefore, we ask all new applicants and our UGR Mates to tell us a little about yourselves in the forums section of the website. We will certainly be looking for you in-game and also posting helpful guides for you to use as well, as you level up your characters. So check the "GUIDES" section of the site regularly. Leadership and officers are always here to help you learn the mechanics of the game. If you have any questions feel free to use the forums section of the site for this as well. It is our desire to have the entire league become "Elite" in every sense of the word. We don't want just a few to be properly geared or superior players, we want this for our entire league. So once again welcome and we will see you in-game......

Officers United

srh4277, Sep 26, 12 12:03 PM.
There will be a meeting held ., with all officers, to discuss certain league policies. With the growth of our league, We want to make sure that all officers were on the same page, and that we are maintaining the high quality of league unity that we are accustomed to.

There will absolutely be no glitching for any instance and/or raid in DCUO. While it is true that it can save time, and some may think that it is easier, it only hurts us as a league in the end. It has been observed that because of glitching, many may have become sloppy and lazy when it comes to actually finishing raids properly. Officers will be enforcing this aggressively. NO MORE GLITCHING PERIOD !

Many of our members, including officers have alternate toons or characters, that we play on. As a result, we may have an overabundance of a certain role in-game at a certain time. There have been occasions when a members alternate character has been allowed into a raid, and another members main has been neglected. Therefore, in the interest of fairness, all main characters will take priority over all alternate characters, if that particular character needs that particular raid. This makes it fair for all members in our league, specifically those who have just one toon. Manipulating raids and groups in order to get our alternates leveled quickly, will not be allowed or tolerated in any way, shape or form.

No cliques allowed. From time to time because of schedules, some league members may tend to run instances and raids with individuals that are on at the same time as they are. Not a problem. However, we never want to develop cliques or schisms within the league. This can be the first sign of an internal fracture and divisions. Officers will be watching for this closely. NO CLIQUES PERIOD !

One last thought, but probably the most important. We play this game as a diversion from the normal everyday affairs of life. For some it's a hobby. Others play strictly for entertainment purposes. Whatever the case may be, we don't play this game to be insulted and offended by the insensitivity of others. We don't want to be overly sensitive, yet we must and we will be sensitive of all the individuals in this league. As was mentioned in our "Rules Of Conduct" :.....there is no place for "Racism or homophobia", and we can also add sexism and misogyny to that list. It only takes us thinking before speaking to avoid needlessly offending others. Officers will be listening and this can result in being removed from the league.
 It is believed that these reminders and adjustments will ultimately make us a better league. See you in-game.....

WE are UP Ready to Start

srh4277, Sep 26, 12 11:52 AM.
AND NOW,the UGR website is UP and running ! The site will now be utilized as the primary means of setting up in-game instances. Again, the use of the website will help us to be better organized and efficient as a league. Officers will plan raids on the site and all who desire to participate will now be required to sign up online. If you don't sign up there is a possibility that you will not be able to join that particular raid, or others that have been prearranged here. That places a responsibility on all league members to check the site, so that they can join the scheduled raid. No website, no raid. It's that simple. As always, it's first come, first serve. Raid nights Will be planned for, : Thursday and Friday. However, there will be make-up raids throughout the weekend, into the following week up until server reset. Some may find this tedious and unnecessary, nevertheless, as we grow as a league, it requires that we become better organized so that all can share in the content, and our in-game experience is more smooth. So we look forward to seeing you in-game......
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